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    ……..Inspired to feed nations.

Hurudza App

Hurudza is a farming mobile platform that gives farmers information regarding their various agricultural activities. The platform uses a market driven approach so as to give the farmers guidance in various agricultural related activities.

“Giving you solutions that make farming a business”

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Who We Are

Tech Company that provides IT based solutions to the agric sector. With the aim of advising the farmer on how they can make a business out of the agric activities that they are engaged in as well as bringing about food security to Zimbabwe through empowering urban farming.


Giving people hope and something to believe in by feeding nations.


Inspired to feed nations.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Agronomic Tips

Farmers get access to cropping information and animal husbandry, soil management tips as well as moisture conservation tips. The platform uses a step by step approach in disseminating the farming data making it user friendly to both seasoned and non-seasoned farmers.

Market Prices

Farmers access commodity prices ranging from international, Regional, local-informal and local-formal for different areas in Zimbabwe.

Crop Budgets

This tool allows you, the farmer, to access extensive crop budgets which are accessible both online and offline.

Weather Information

Farmers are able to access the current weather data with a complementary seven day forecast for different regions in Zimbabwe.


The platform facilitates for farmers to cross collaborate among themselves in purchasing inputs and ferrying their produce to the market thereby lowering their costs.

Get A Pro

Farmers are able to apply for an expert to visit their field and do an on the ground assessment.

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Team Hurudza

The Team Behind The Hurudza App


Tony Togara

Chief Executive Officer

Ronald Mutsikwi

Technical Specialist

Brave Svomi

Business Strategy & Marketing

Swami Noto

Lead Designer/ Creative

Tatenda Kabike

Lead App Developer/ Programmer

Morris Makina

Finance & Adminstration

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